Superfood Greens Cocktail

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Cayenne Peppered Lemon & Super Greens

Hello, I’m an everyday drink packed full of natural alkalising ingredients that aid detox, promote digestion, boost immunity and increase natural energy.  My friends call me ‘A great day in a drink’, but I just want to be a companion in your healthy lifestyle.

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Daily Nourishing Nutrients
without the hassle

Get the most out of your day with a dose of organic superfood nutrients in a single glass.  Now you can skip all the buying, washing, chopping, blending, or cooking, and still ensure your body has what it needs to thrive .

Carefully crafted with
real organic greens and superfood

Organic alkalising ingredients help to detoxify the body, boost the immune system, support digestion, and also provide clean energy.  You will love the lemon and cayenne pepper we have added to give this amazing drink an extra kick. 

Made in Australia 
fully HACCP compliant 

Food safety is paramount. Our products are blended in Australia from facilities that are fully compliant with the international food safety standard, HACCP.

My Incredible Ingredients

The first known use of barley grass goes way back to 7000 BC, when it was used not just as a food but also to treat health issues.  Barley Grass lowers blood sugar levels, promotes digestion, regulates cholesterol, and boosts immunity.  Furthermore, it is an alkalising natural detoxifier.

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