Vegan Protein | Turmeric Vanilla & Chia Seeds

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21g of Protein

Hello, I’m the best teammate out there.  You take care of the training and I take care of your body.  With my natural ingredients, I help build lean muscle, promote weight loss, reduce food cravings, and speed up recovery.  My mission is to help you feel strong and look awesome.

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Incredible Plant based fuel
for muscles & fat burn

Who says you can't achieve results with a plant based diet? This is an adventurous and vegan nutrition powerhouse that will help get the most out of your exercise. Check out the ingredients below.

Bonus: Better Digestion
& Immune System

We went further than most to support your overall health. For example, lactobacillus is included to boost your gut & strengthen the immune system.  Or take Cinnamon, which has been shown to reduce inflammation and lower blood sugar levels. 

Real Food ingredients
you can taste

Unlike a lot of products out there, we say no to artificial chemicals or flavours. For sweetener we chose organic stevia which is derived from herbs. You will literally be able to taste the goodness of real food such as turmeric and chia seeds.

My Incredible Ingredients

Pea and Rice Protein combine to provide a complete amino acid profile for vegans and those who are allergic to dairy. Studies have shown that muscle building effects of pea protein and whey protein are similar. A study also found rats with high blood pressure experienced a decrease when they took pea protein supplements. 

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