Whey Protein | Coconut & Pomegranate

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21g of Protein

Hello, I’m the best teammate out there.  You take care of the training and I take care of your body.  With my natural ingredients, I help build lean muscle, promote weight loss, reduce food cravings, and speed up recovery.  My mission is to help you feel strong and look awesome.

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Muscle Gains & Fat Loss
With Natural Nutrients

We absolutely refuse to include a bunch of complex chemicals, flavours, or fancy ingredients to impress you.  We keep our products simple, natural, and functional.  Check out the ingredients below.  

Bonus: Better Digestion
& Immune System

We went further than most to support your overall health.  E.g.: we have included ingredients such as l-glutamine to boost digestion & the immune system; or beetroot, which can reduce inflammation.  

Lower in fat
& lactose

Whey Protein Isolate, when compared to Whey Protein Concentrate, is lower in fat and lactose, meaning you achieve better body composition with less chance of stomach irritations.

My incredible Ingredients

Whey Protein is the remaining liquid separated from milk during cheese production. It is a complete protein containing all 9 essential amino acids. It is highly digestible and absorbed quickly compared to other proteins. Whey is excellent in supporting muscle growth when paired with strength training. It also suppresses appetite and boost metabolism, helping people burn more calories. There is some research to suggest it may also lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation.

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